Electricity:              Duke Energy Progress                            800-452-2777

Local Phone:          CenturyLink                                             800-788-3600

CATV:                      Time Warner                                           844-725-4318

Newspaper:             Carteret County News-Times                252-726-7081
Medical Services:   Carteret General Hospital                       252-808-6000

Police/Security:      Atlantic Beach Police Department          252-726-2523      
                                 In case of an emergency                        911
                                 Carteret County Deputy Stephan Gaskill 
                                    resides in Unit 4                                  252-723-7890

Insurance:              Snipes Insurance Service Inc.
                                 ​  Carries policy on structures
                                 ​  Each owner needs additional H06 policy  
                                Contact Debby Herring                           910-892-2121 Ext. 130

Water:                    Town of Atlantic Beach                           252-726-1366 

Sewer:                    Private system

County Taxes:       Carteret County Tax Office                    252-728-8535
Local Taxes:           Atlantic Beach Tax Office                      252-726-2121
​                                 www.atlanticbeach-nc.com
                Services and Utilities

Listed below are the typical contacts for the various utilities in place at the marina.  If you are considering having work done on your unit, please contact the office for coordination.  You may reach the office at 252-726-1551 or e-mail them by clicking here:  8andahalf@bizec.rr.com
This page was last updated on: November 17, 2016